SRT100 Smart Relay Trainer

August 26, 2015

"I was first introduced to the SRT100 trainer unit and the Zelio programmable relay in my first term of trade school. The first lab into the course I was amazed! I had studied electronics engineering technology and graduated in ’94. Considering what was available back then, the equipment has change dramatically. For the price, the Zelio has to be one of the top products in the market. Programming capabilities seem to be endless, and the software is a free download from the manufacturer! The instructor prepared a multitude of challenging and educational labs to be wired and programmed on the SRT100 training module. This is a very powerful ‘mini plc’ which can be economically applied in many situations. There was a situation where I needed to actuate a purge valve for a water system daily for 7 minutes, or if the contact on a UV filter closed. With the Zelio the programming took approximately 5 minutes. As far as affordability and versatility the Zelio smart relay is a home run."

J.P. Electronics Engineering Technologist, C+M Electrician, Algonquin Electric Services

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