Zelio Smart Relay Software

Zeliosoft - Free

Use this intuitive software to configure, program and simulate program operation.  Once you have simulated your program, download it to the Zelio Smart Relay with the SR2  USB 01 communications cable or Bluetooth adapter.

The software interface is clean and easy to use. The help menu is equally simple.

Schneider Electric Automation

Altivar VFD Setup Software

SoMove Lite - Free 

Download and register this software and start using the most user friendly, intuitive and powerful VFD set-up program. Thousands of electrical students have used this software as part of their training while using our systems. They enjoy the ease of use and the clean graphical program interface.

Please Note:

Once you have downloaded and installed SoMove Lite, download and install the Altivar DTM Library. This library contains information for each Schneider Electric drive, and works in conjunction with SoMove Lite.

M221 Controller PLC Software

SoMachine Basic - Free

This software is used to program the Modicon M221 logic controller. This is a lightweight yet powerful software solution that allows you to setup up simple machine automation in a few steps:

  • Hardware configuration
  • Programming
  • Display Configuration
  • Commissioning

You can also connect a simple remote operator panel for instant maintenance and machine visualization.