Training Systems

Motor Control SMALL 10106

VFD Drive Wiring & Programming

Industrial Motor Control

Electric Motor Control, Pilot Devices and Electrical Diagrams

We worked with Electrical Instructors and students to develop a multi-use, versatile and ultra safe motor control trainer.

Our industry leading Class II 24 Volt power supply provides a safe work environment.

The 24 Volt Class 2 control power supply allows students to configure motor control circuitry without concerns for their safety. This feature also allows training in any area that has a regular 120 VAC outlet.

Numerous control circuits can be configured with this trainer including:

  • Liquid level float control - pump up and pump down.
  • Roller limit switches.
  • Multi-function timers and control relays.
  • Push buttons and selector switches.
  • Reversing and non-reversing motor starters and overload relays.
  • Signal tower indication.
  • ACAD Electrical design and schematic reading exercises.


For full specifications visit:

Industrial Motor Control Page

Smart Relays / Mini PLCs

Digital Logic Control Systems and Basic Electric Circuits

Our Smart Relay Training systems are more than just a digital logic control trainer.  Over the years these systems have been adapted to many curriculum requirements; from basic electrical circuit wiring to the application of digital logic gates and advanced ladder logic.  These systems cover it all.

Basic specifications:

  • Safe reliable 24 Volt Class 2 power supply.
  • Easily integrated with basic Fischertechnik training modesl (solar tracker, punch press, conveyor, etc.).
  • Lightweight, portable trainers and great for travel between campuses and trade expositions.
  • Free worldclass, professional grade solftware used in 150 countries.
  • Can be programmed in ladder logic, function block and sequential function chart.
  • Built in basic HMI that can easily display text messages.
  • Digial and analog inputs provided.
  • Solar tracker function built in.
  • Customizable expansion bay.



For full specifications visit:

Smart Relays / Mini PLCs Page

VFDs / Inverters


VFD Wiring, Programming, Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Our VFD training system exposes electrical students to all aspects of working with variable frequency drives and motors.

All areas of the VFD and motor combination are covered:

  • Power and motor wiring, line and reactors.
  •  Motor parameter setup.
  • Control wiring circuitry, 2-wire, 3-wire, multiple speed, skip frequency, auto-tuning, jog mode, reverse, second ramp,acceleration, deceleration and more.
  • Reading specifications and programming to meet control scenarios.
  • Reading VFD schematic and connecting control devices.
  • Using drive set-up software, backing up parameters and settings.
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance.






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